Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youth fall in drugs, an exclusive report by MassCoMedia student on children going for cheap drugs

Deepak Sharma, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia 

An eight year old boy, might have not much in common with other kids of his age who are from different families like sachin and gouav but sniffing ever is common thread between them.
 Raja’s daily routine includes tedious job of collecting plastic bags and bottles. This provides him a meager of Rs 30-40 a day. It is in such circumstances that he gets relaxation from sniffing ever. Two years back when he saw his friends taking fluid, it became a part of his life too. Access was never a problem as it is easily available at any stationary store and is also an inexpensive drug.
This addiction has passed on from a stage of smelling the liquid diluter to drinking it. This apparently minor addiction is what has led his mother, a maid in sector 35 Noida, to think that her son is not mentally well. She narrates how her doctors could not detect any kind of problem and yet son never behaves normally. He even goes to the extent of beating his sibling for money.
Sachin is a young boy living in the village morna in sector 35 of Noida. His family back ground is stable and his father is a financer. His daily routine includes buying and drinking fluid every day with his friends behind the church in sector 34. He also revealed that the amount of consumption is three to four bottles per head each day.
Gourav who hails from a high class family is also not free from his addiction. All these details most definite make one inquisitive as to why these children’s have such easy access, fluid addiction amount from the age  8-20 is an established fact. Yet nothing much is done. A shopkeeper denied being responsible in any way for such problems and shunned all this away by saying that it cannot be known whether it will be used as a stationary product or as a drug. He also explained that since he like several others cannot judge whether the child is an addict, he is left with the option of thinking of it being used for it is being used for it is supposed to i.e. to make correction.
Another situation had different options to share. He said that boys are mere involved in this type of addiction eventually leads to a disturbed mind. Expressing helplessness he said if they are not given  fluid in one store they are never short of others like him and others like him only the wish of being able to stop such children but not with any means of doing so.
According to Dr. Ramerh mittal (psychiatrist) “these kids feel relaxation after took fluid as toluene is the main chemical which relieve stress from brain, but slowly and steadily they became habitual of this.
·         Effects of drugs:-
-Fast heart beat
- Hyper active
- Extra emotions
- Swelling in brain veins
Slowly the nervous system broke down and leads to mental disturbs, heart attack and gone to destination to death. fluid is not only one way of addiction, there are huge range of alternatives like as disprin tabs, Iodex, cough syrups are other modes of addiction. This can’t be stopped at once.    

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