Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Akansha Goel, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia 

From 2008, the number of paying guest has increased by three-fourth according to the survey conducted by MassCoMedia. 

Increasing in number of paying guest is directly proportional to increase in number of migrants. Maximum students studying in different college and Employers working are not from this capital so demand of paying guest is high.

These days paying guest is considered as business. Owners are money minded and don't focus on the facilities and securities of their tenants. To earn big amounts people rent their lavish houses and stays in the nearby area at lesser prices.

Sumatra, 21, one of the tenants said, “There is no time limit, our uncle only wants money on 1st of every month and after that he never visit this place".Another paying guest, Roli, 24, employer at SIAM said, “Our aunty is charging reasonable and we enjoy homely environment".

Jay, 42, owns the paying guest from last 5years said, “I am very strict and never allow girls to enter or exit the house after 10 O'clock at night".

Manju, 58, owns the paying guest from last 25years said" Number of paying guest are increasing but the quality is deteriorating. I provide girls with food as well and employed a security guard for their safety".

Crime rate is increasing its high time for girls to open their eyes and to gear up for their safety and security as "Society prepares the crime and criminal commits it".

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