Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOIDA- THE CRIME CAPITAL, a MassCoMedia student report

Nimisha Karmani, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia

Noida is rated as the crime state of the NCR and security is the biggest concern of the city. Noida being named as the IT hub of NCR is one of the dangerous place for the girls in the evening hours.

Lack of security being a major concern troubles not only the girls but also to their parents. Mrs. Mehra living in sector 18, whose daughter works at sector 82 says “when my daughter is late only by 15 mins, I start keep calling her to be at home as early as possible”. In the modern era of today parents are not willing to let their daughters work or roam around the city even in the daylight. So is the case with Yamini’s mother who does not allow her to leave the house after six in the evening. “My mother is so possessive that she sends my brother to pick me up after my tuitions which generally end by 5:30pm” quotes Yamini.

“Offices at Noida entrust the female employee by providing them with perfect security” says Mr. Ram Prakash Pandey, security in-charge at HCL: N4 branch at sector 59. He continues “If a girl is dropped at the end then we make sure a security guard is also present in the cab to make her feel secure”. On being asked about the security, the HR of the company confidently says “if there is a complaint by any of the employees regarding the cab drivers or the security guards, an immediate action is being taken on them”.

Mr. Anil Sharma, the supervisor of the security team of Global Logic, another office at sector 59 was not willing to reveal any of the details regarding the same. He was manipulating all the information given by the guard present at the main gate of the office. The guard told that the shifts get over by 10 in the evening but the supervisor bluntly answered that “the office gets closed by eight”.

“We parents are still not convinced by the security measured taken by the offices” said Mrs. Mehra (mentioned above). She added “Only security is the main reason why the parents fear to send their daughters to work at the offices in Noida. Not only are these girls from whole Delhi/NCR not willing to work at this dangerous place”.


  1. true, and so is the reason behind, india resting far way behind than any other country in Women empowerment as well as freedom.

  2. security is no doubt the main concern...i wish needfulactions are taken asap !

  3. I Think not only noida the whole NCR need security. Delhi government have to take urgent steps..

  4. Similar report have been shared by me