Saturday, January 29, 2011

RamLeelas to Multiplexes, a feature on growth of Indian Entertainment Industry by a MassCoMedia student

Upendra Sharma, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia 

 Ramlila(plays depicting stories from the Ramayana)Maidan, the place where from many generations we tribute to “The Lord RAMA” by act their stories in proper manner like dresses , make-up, lighting, costumes and sets etc. We saw Ramlila like a big function in month of oct.-november, which connects us directly to that period of Ramayan. “Ramlila” term as by which we present some leelas (activities) of Lord Rama.
In the evening we finish our work, to see Ramlila. We prepare like we are going in a function, to see Ramlila with family, we closely attached with the characters and believe that they are real not artist. Artist also do they work very passionately, they totally admire their character and perform in front of audience very realistically.

But now time has been changed, audience’s interest is going down they feel bore and they move from Ramlila maidan to mall.

Actually we are adopting western culture beside this we forgetting our real culture or our real root and history. Today people are quit interest in Ramlila and the number of audiences also decreases. People more involve in parties, shopping, and other activities. Basically they regret Ramlila and our culture and turn toward the mall. Mall culture is can be main reason for unpopularity of Ramlila these days. Earlier the time was not like that the maidan (ground) was totally full by audience and they relates artists  with the real characters like RAMA,SITA, RAVAN, and HANUMAN.

But today’s condition is Ramlila maidan looking for audiences and mall full by people. Even our reputed personalities and government are not looking this situation. Actually are not interested in Ramlila, they seeing their profit because of this they want to change ‘MAIDAN TO MALL’.

A report published on august 05, 2005 says that, the BJP by demanding that party President L K Advani step down, former Delhi Chief Minister Madan Lal Khurana today trained his guns on the civic authorities claiming that they had secretly tied up with a private company to convert the historic Ram Lila ground into a business complex. 

He claimed that top officials of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) had "selected" a Kolkata-based company for the purpose without inviting bids or informing the standing committee. 

Under the agreement, underground parking lots are to be constructed under business complexes at the Ram Lila and parade grounds, on this account  Khurana said, "Ram Lila (plays depicting stories from the Ramayana)has been enacted on the Ram Lila ground for 150 years and I will not allow it to be converted into a mall".

So, only because of politics & lack of interest in people, we could forget our culture and also spiritual stories (lila / kahaniya of Lord Ram).We need to see what could be best to preserve or secure our culture by this types of programme or activities and by this we can transform our culture, literature and sanskaar to the next generation which is most important for personality growth as well as nation growth.

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