Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comment on Mayawati’s Birthday-Priya Purwar B.sc MCAJ 1st sem(MassCoMedia Student)

It could well be the most expensive political felicitation. Politicians have been weighed in coins and garlanded with notes but chief minister and BSP Supremo Mayawati’s supporters took the cake on Monday by presenting her with a mammoth garland strung with 1000rs notes estimates of how much money was around the Dalit leader’s neck as stood on the dais ranged from Rs 2 Crore to Rs 5 Crore.
Mayawati has been in controversy in the past for collecting public donations on her birthday. An Enthusiastic BSP Worker from Kanpur had gifted a plot on the moon on her birthday this year. The BSP Supremo’s diamond jewellery sets and her statues carrying a purse have been hot topic of discussion in political circles.But Monday’s Extravaganza to celebrate 25 years of BSP existence and 76th anniversary of a Founder Kashiram Birthday’s in a New bar.

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