Monday, January 31, 2011

Article 377 – changing structure of the society, a feature by a MassCoMedia student

Subhadra Bhadauria,Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia 

My recent trip back home was a real serene. Family’s affection and chomping  frightlessly despite of augmenting fat and flab was immaculately perfect. Friday night around 9 we all planned to dine, TV was on  and mom was screaming on dad for the number of chapatti’s he wants but daddu’s  eyes were glued to the  worlds news from every hook and corner, completely oblivious to the surrounding, he was stuck to broadcast with strips reading “Gays won’t be allowed to enter the pubs and bars during 31st December 2010 night“I felt an itch and thought to pen down my outlook to reach you all out there. Homosexuality is not a social vice and the every state should uphold these notions publicly and be empowered to contain it. Decriminalizing homosexuality may be an infringe to peace. 

Section 377 of Indian Penal Code is a piece of legislation which was introduced in India during British  times that criminalises sexual activity “against the decree of nature”. The law also rapt in itself “no coercive sex”. But 2 years back  Delhi high court‘s verdict on legalizing article 377 not only gave few hidden souls  to breathe freely and share a social platform but also vetoed many suicide attempts by the youth as earlier their burdened life was a grudge they hold to the creator.

A man and woman getting married and reproducing themselves, this is what we consider ideal life of two, sharing  “love bond” for entire life, but here the man and woman chose to live life this way .In the same way  censuring an individual who falls for same sex and wants to be with that mortal,  becomes  a sin. Deity biggest recipe of heart and soul makes everyone to bow before him. Drafting  a human is tough and the one above us is perfect in this .When his machine didn’t find a flaw then how do we under his umbrella  can raise a question on his crafting. Our epics and monuments are live example of homosexuality .Inscription  and pictures that we share on Taj Mahal, Ajanta Ellora  corroborates the race of homosexuality . 
Being neglected and devoid of social rights because you are just not another bigotry in the crowd. Is this to what we say humanity? 

Convictions are always difficult and so is  this .It has been analysed that homosexuality will not only help in controlling the ever growing population but would also support the individual sentiment. Many celebs like American singer Tracy chapman, actor Dan butler, famous pop singer Ricky martin who declared themselves as gay , were not conceited because this world though free don’t have legroom for homosexuals . A member is denied of roof in his own house . 

This value system is deeply ingrained in Indian society and nurtured over several generations. The Indian society displayed that in every aspect of life the government is manifesting in realizing a role in society for everyone. Where society can display inclusiveness and understanding, there such persons can be assured a life of dignity and non discrimination. Our society shouldn’t be captive to the stereotypes and LGBT’s shouldn’t be seen as extraterrestrial ,the changing mindset can change the world. 
It cannot be forgotten that discrimination is converse of equality and this equality exhibitions will foster dignity of every individual.

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