Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ARE GIRLS NOW SECURED IN BPO? an exclusive survey by MassCoMedia student

Subhadra Bhadauria,Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia

A recent survey conducted by MassCoMedia on security of  females in business process outsourcing industry (BPO) especially during night shifts may be a good sign for those .girls who wished to work and be independent but couldn’t due to the insecurity epidemic.
A  Chatwal  administrative head of Infopro , a BPO in sec 58 Noida  briefed on the  an assortment of measures  taken by the organization to cope up with the quandary .The organization has well guarded security from renowed and established security agencies like forcetech who resort to the problem under question.These agencies focus on various strategy of  security as a whole and help the organizations implementing the same. the guard accompanies each cab having females employees  with the first pick and first drop stratagem i.e female employee will   be picked first and dropped first. And in case of any last drop the guard will escort her to the nearest end.

This tactic has actually reduced the panic that prevailed due to graveyard shifts in BPO. Guards are between the age group 18-35 who are supervised by the experienced senior  on the safety grounds . Proper training of handling the guns and permission to fire in case of mishap ensures better safety. Girls have ball in their court  with increased  female workshops .

But when a question was raised on the safetykeeper’s character Chatwal  promptly replied that’s “its trust that we firmly believe in”. Saniya (name changed) 21  working with EXL another bpo in the same sector is all nine pins  due to the shuttle services started by their company and head over heels as her onlyu parent her mother is not perturbed by her working hours and doesn’t spend sleepless nights until she reaches home  as earlier.All these measures has build confidence in girls thereby increasing the female employee ratio in recent times in BPO sector. 

BPO’s evolved as the fastest developing industry tapping the youth brains to the fullest and serving as the giant employer the the masses and hence the security is indispensable.

Notwithstanding to above still many organizations remain handicapped when it comes to the female security cells  and female cabbies .

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