Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Price increase pinches pocket

Neha Kedia, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia

NEW DELHI: Due to rise in the cost of onions because of unseasonal rains and hoarding by unscrupulous traders, now, common man is asking a lot of questions and the Government does not seem to have any answers.
   From the last two months it can be seen that the prices of onions are soaring. Previously which was being sold at Rs.10 to Rs.15 per kilogram (KG), now it is being sold at Rs.50, Rs.60 and even Rs.70 per Kg. If one has a look at the statistics then the prices of onion is Rs.34 per Kg at all Mother Dairy outlets, whereas the barrow boy sells it at Rs.40 per kg. However, the market price of onions is Rs.35 per Kg in Azadpur vegetable market.

   “I have been selling onions on my barrow from the last four years at the rate of Rs.12 per kg. But from the last two months due to the shortage in the supply of onions the cost has increased. To maintain the stock we used to buy 30 sacks of onion on weekly basis from Azadpur subji mandi at Rs.6 per kg and sold it at Rs. 12 per Kg. With the effect of increasing rates, our sale has decreased due to which we are hardly bringing five sacks of onion per week” said Vijay Kumar, barrow boy, Pushpa Vihar.

   “Due to the lack of Government policy we have to suffer. Having knowing about the hoarding by corrupt traders to fill their own pockets by grabbing the income of common people, Government has not taken any action to charge them” said Reenu Aggarwal, House Wife.     

   The increased prices have not only affected the sale of the vendors, but it has also affected the budget of the family. “In spite of being known that there is a shortage of onions due to freaky weather, the Government did not take corrective measures to ban the import. Why the Government is not taking any action against crooked traders “said Dr.Nitin, Gastroenterologist, Neelu Angel’s Hospital.

   The Government about 10 days back reiterated its intention to curb the prices and said that it will relieve import restrictions, impose export controls, and increase the purchase of essential commodities as it has come under fire from the opposition on rising food prices. Although it does not seem that the prices of onion would decline till the next two months.

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