Monday, January 31, 2011

So many controversies on lottery system in nursery admission, parents get more worried for this session., a report by a MassCoMedia student

Tazeen, Trainee Reporter, MassCoMedia

This is the time to start admission in new session in nursery schools. The lottery system to new admission process in nursery classes has been become the subject of many controversies in this year that is why parents get more worried for their children admission. The central board council saying that it would give more peoples a better chance of entering popular schools. But some schools and parents are against for this admission process. R.K.Morden school’s councilor, Nidhi shrivastav said, “We have already reservation n management quota in admission then why is government making this system. Middle class family’s children are studding in this school but they can’t afford our study. After sometime parents came and said that they can’t afford school’s fee and other charges infect they can’t afford our study material. Then how it is possible for a lower class family. If their children finally get admission through the lottery system, how will they afford our fees and other charges?” She said that she is also against on parent’s interview in admission process because some students are more intelligent but they do not get admission because of their parent’s interview.
                                             Parents get more worried because the admission time has been started and the schools are still waiting for the final decision of board. Anita Giri in noida, a parent, who teach her five years old son Kartik for his admission said, “The admission forms are not out. I have no clue when the decision will come and the new process will start. Actually government gives a golden and lucky chance to those students who do not clear the admission test and interviews and finally they feel embracement infront of their friends and colleague. It’s good for students at least parent will not blame them.” Sunita Giri supports the lottery system but she is also selecting 5 or 6 schools because she doesn’t want to depend on fortune of her son. Shalu shrivastav who has a four years old son Pravesh said, “I am worried about the lottery system. I am teaching my son daily but I don’t know when the decision will come.

That is why I am selecting four or five school. Parents are doing handwork with their children. If their child will not select through the lottery system, not only parents but also children will feel so much embrace. In my opinion it’s not a good step in education system if the government takes but I am happy to know that government still thinking about this system.” Her neighbored Mr. Imran Khan who has a three years old daughter said, “The random selection also has its negative points but now if the name fails to make it in the draw of lottery, we might end up blaming the child. That would be very unfortunate. So point system is better than lottery system.”
               Mostly parent are still waiting the final Decision of education ministry. The system of admitting students to nursery classes through a lottery would not be a fair decision because the brightest student as well as the poorest once lost out through the lottery system. Some schools and parents are like point system more than lottery system and they want to continue the point system in admission process.    

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