Monday, January 10, 2011

NO ONE KILLED JESSICA -Shradha Bajaj( MCAJ 1st sem)(MassCoMedia Student)

No one killed Jessica starring Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan, directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. “It is a Complete Re-attachment of Jessica lal murder case.”But there was a flip side, Gupta like so many other directors dealing with real controversies on the screen refuses to take names. Except Jessica’s crusading sister “Sabrina”(played by Vidya Balan)even name of the culprit has been changed.
To refresh your memory Jessica Lal, a model who was working as a celebrity bartender at a big shot party in Delhi. The son of a powerful politician demanded a drink. (Everyone knows him as Manu Sharma, son of Vinod Sharma).She refused to serve him the drink. He shot her as 300 guests watched him. This was exact on the real story.
Gupta blends these facts with drama to setup a fine political thriller. The film looks at how the accused were initially acquitted by the lower court before the nationwide protest, law to re-open the case and change the sentence.
Rani Mukerjee, Acts as a T.V. reporter “Meera”. While no particular female journalist can be credited with the real Jessica murder. This was just to add box office twist to the movie.
Moreover Gupta represented the ugly side of Delhi rather that the real Delhi.
The film is brilliant but reveals an awful truth. Indian Cinema is ready to tackle real subject in real way but, unlike Hollywood it is still coy when it comes to naming actual names.



  1. nice but whatever the movie show is actually a bitter truth about our national capital...