Friday, January 7, 2011

LET THE EXPERTS TALK-Vishal Bawa( MCAJ)(MassCoMedia Student)


 Looking out over several cameras and select one for someone who has passed the point and shoot, I returned to the Nikon D3000. There is no question that once a model out of an expert photographer, but it covers the basics and more.
First time DSLR users will appreciate the guided mode. We have literally gone through different scenarios via the fixed shoot 3 "LCD screen. An excellent tool, its step by step instructions allowed my niece to go to the brochure operating in no time. The fast shutter was a nice surprise to be noticed.
In manual mode, indoor shots were a mixture of balanced and perfect shade and color. As usual, with shots in low light, noise, will make an appearance. However, this system can be tweaked to deliver some outstanding photos inside. Ultimately the appropriate settings.
A patch is based on VR (Vibration Reduction) feature located on the lens. This should be activated, especially inside. A tripod will certainly help. In auto mode, just as the camera portrait night and sit and enjoy the rest of your flight.
Shooting outdoors dynamic, strong and rich in color without editing. The system board flash is more than capable of meeting the requirements in plenary flash. Without a doubt the overall performance of the device, features and image quality is excellent.
With 10.2 million pixels to work with, this device is, by far, an update on any of the puffed-up point and shoots there.
Its interface is easy to see that the real jewel of this model is the autofocus system. With six settings of the automatic mode (Landscape, Sport, Children, Close Up, Portrait, and Night Portrait), each photo may be a keeper. Tweakers mounting board will not be disappointed by this model. It covers the basics. The D3000 operates with both SD and SDHC cards.

The Nikon D3000 is paired with a Nikkor 18-55mm AF-S DX. It will work with any and DX Nikkor AF-S lens. Older or similar Nikkor AF is a no go when shooting in auto, but will run in manual mode. Since this model is not equipped with built in optical image stabilizer, Its recommend switching on the Vibration Reduction (VR) located on the lens. Still the best anti-vibration tool is a tripod.
Nikon makes things very simple with a thumb dial for Aperture refinement and speed. Metering, focus modes and exposure compensation are easily controlled via the menu. The D3000 does not shoot in video mode. This model takes easily more than three images per second in continuous mode. The sensor 3D tracking works very well in low light.
The Nikon D3000 camera kit comes packaged with a EN/EL3e Li-ion battery,
charger, USB cable, video cable. strap, LCD cover, body cap and eye, eyepiece, CD-ROM software, 18-55mm Nikkor lens, lens cap, instruction booklet and a year Nikon warranty.
Leaving the door, I still find this model a bit expensive for a basic digital SLR. I'm sure route to the fall and holiday buyers will start to see a significant price drop. Even so, the D3000 is a refined replacement for the extremely popular entry-level Nikon D40. Newcomers to the community DSLR certainly appreciate this outstanding alternative.

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