Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let’s Begin to Click-Vishal Bawa MCAJ (MassCoMedia Student)

For those who’ve always loved the art of photography but never dared to go beyond taking an occasional photo of your family, here are a few tips to help you out. While it’s true that anyone with a pocket camera can create images, what’s important is to create images that are spectacular and manage to capture the viewer’s attention. There are many aspects of photography that a beginner needs to know even before he could be labelled as an amateur. A beginner is someone who can understand and appreciate a good image, because of his ingrained knowledge about basic photography, but needs help on composition and exposure.
More often than not, when you come across a website that’s dedicated to photographers you are likely to come across terms like the rule of thirds, leading lines etc. Make sure that you are aware of at least the basic terminologies. These help to give you a better understanding of the discussions on these forums. For example when it comes to composition, the rule of thirds is the most important rule, where in photographers imagine that the image is divided into nine different segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines and the most important elements in the scene are placed along these lines. Also make sure you know some of the abbreviations that are commonly used in photography. Understanding these abbreviations help beginners to understand popular photography terms and direct them to articles that explain these in detail.
As earlier said, taking a good photo is not just about clicking randomly. It takes a sound understanding of photography techniques like composition, and exposure.
For those who would need to take control over the image that the camera displays, need to understand about exposure. You need to learn about the ISO settings in your camera. A beginner also needs to understand different elements like shutter speed, f-stop, aperture etc. Also get to understand about the elements that control the depth of feel.
Although beginners have the advantage of being blissfully ignorant about the essential elements of photography, it’s important to know about these elements for those who’d love to take their passion to the next level to compete with amateurs. For those who’d love to know more on these techniques, you can always get help from professional photographers.

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