Monday, January 10, 2011

Green terrorism -Vishal bawa( MCAJ 1st sem)(MassCoMedia Student)

A recent movie “The Losers” explores a different concept and served as an eye opener to the public making them aware about the new biological weapons that might sooner or later be a part of your community.

Green terrorism or Eco- terrorism is a new age tem used for a different form of terrorism, which was never known to the public till the evolution of new age weapons. Green terrorism is a form of eco-friendly terrorism as it has mass effect without any dust or smoke, not like the nuclear and atomic weapons. A ‘SNOOK’ is a biological device that can dissolve a huge landmass within seconds, without any remains and works with a detonator. Green terrorism subscribe to the idea of “Biocentrism”, which is described as “a belief that human beings are just an ordinary member of the biological community”. Some Eco-Terrorists are motivated by others aspects of deep ecology, like the goal to return the environment to its nature, Pre-industrial state. It is that one weapon that can silently re-shape the world map.