Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Upendra Sharma,  Trainee Reporter MassCoMedia

Winter brings happiness for liquor lovers, because it gives opportunity for them to drink and to give relief them selves from cold. During winters the sale of liquor goes high and it break the sale of essential part of human life i.e. WATER…People of Noida and N.C.R are crazy about liquors including Scotch,rum,vodka,whiskey and beer in this season.  
“Especially in winters the more demand of whiskey and rum but in summer, it’s time for beer” and per month sale more than one lakh, said by Yogendra Singh28, Junior Traitor sale UB GROUP.

“The main reason of high sale in winters could be because of marriage season and party days like 25 December and new year etc.” said by localist.According to a survey, last year the sale was Rs.188crore in December, while it was 165 crore in December 2009, Rum topped the list of sold liquor segments, with 1,80,601 cases sold in N.C.R in December2010 as against 1,19521 cases in December 2009.

So it is clearly indicating that day by day and year by year the number of liquor lovers’ increases and party on all the time in Noida and N.C.R region. It also helps to increase revenue which from liquors sales government gets a big amount.

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