Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Experience of winters in Village-Akhilesh Singh(B.sc MCAJ 1st sem)(MassCoMedia Student)

The chilling and foggy weather is the greatest property of this season in the Indian villages. The shaky cold wind makes the inhabitants to remain in blankets all the time if they have no work. Chilling winters is a great boon to the children, school closed and they have a plenty of time to play Cricket and Volley Ball.
One of the most important time pass arena is to seat around the fire and discussing the issues related to village and welfare of the people. Also this the spot for enjoying the varieties of winter dishes at the same time.
I had spent 3 days which includes New Year this time in village. The way to celebrate is quite different from the cities. I think nobody of us ever think of God in the New Year celebration, but they have thank God for the past year and prayed for the coming year.
The natural scenic beauty of winters which includes a lush green fields and flowers of different crops is calling us   to feel the lovely creation of God, which at present, we are depleting at a very fast rate.
Winters is marked as the pearl of natural beauty and if anyone wants to feel it, they have to overcome the habit of AC and Room Heaters, and have to heed towards the villages which is more close to nature.

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